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About Byala


Byala is situated 50 km to the south of Varna and 60 km away from the airport in Burgas.

The holiday-makers  are being  awaited  here by three sandy beaches with afforested coasts and unique white rocks.The  natural landmark  the“ White Rocks“is the fourth world discovery,where the traces of the world cataclysm on the Earth were found  and  that was the reason for extinction of  dinosaurs.

The town was established in 3rd century BC.Today Biala is a prosperous Bulgarian town thanks to the developed winegrowing.A wonderful kind of wine “Dimyat“is produced here.Byala is a sea resort.Natural facts define the development of the town as a centre for complete sea tourism.A  wide beach strip in combination with a broad-leaved  forest ,favourable temperature of the sea  water and its purity offer optimum  conditions for prophylactics  and recovering on the seacoast of the town.